JIC – Yuki, một sinh viên hàng đầu yêu thích du lịch

JIC: What made you decide to study English?

YUKI: I love traveling abroad. During travel, I meet many foreigners but I couldn’t communicate with them because of the language barrier. I’d like to talk with them more; so I decided to study English.

JIC: Being one of the top students last term, kindly share your ways to improve your English communication skills.

YUKI: I think that talking with someone who can speak English fluently is the best way to improve English communication skills because we can usually only use the words we are familiar with but through it, we could use the new words we learned in every lesson which is the best practice.

JIC: What short message of encouragement could you give to other ESL learners like you?

YUKI: My brain is exhausted every day because I have to speak English in my daily classes. So far, I think my skill is not yet enough but I know I need time to acquire something. So, I will never give up studying English. I wish everyone also never gives up studying English.